Shake Em Up

19-year-old studying Journalism in Missouri

Born in New Orleans and raised in the St. Louis Suburbs

I like photography, good food, good music, sports, design, and riding my bike

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"But here’s where the evolutionary cables have crossed: We assume that things we are attracted to will relieve our suffering and raise our happiness. My brain says, “Get famous.” It also says, “Unhappiness is lousy.” I conflate the two, getting, “Get famous and you’ll be less unhappy.”

But that is Mother Nature’s cruel hoax. She doesn’t really care either way whether you are unhappy — she just wants you to want to pass on your genetic material. If you conflate intergenerational survival with well-being, that’s your problem, not nature’s. And matters are hardly helped by nature’s useful idiots in society, who propagate a popular piece of life-ruining advice: “If it feels good, do it.” Unless you share the same existential goals as protozoa, this is often flat-out wrong.”

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Todd Snyder · Sunspel · Simon Miller · Our Legacy
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Trees by (David Thyberg)
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I turned 20 today

and I just bought tickets for Pitchfork and a Mac Demarco woo. 

Makes up for spending all day at work

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What are some of the best movies right now on Netflix?

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Damn Svpply is done

How else can I document myself being materialistic?

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Is this going to be a good project?
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Abandoned A-frames in Lago General Carrera, Chilean Patagonia.
Contributed by Joanna Young.
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